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I'm just starting out in the car world and have just bought my first car, a 2015 Mini Cooper 5 door. I'm seriously in love with it.... but not so much the wheels. They are the standard 15" rims that come from the factory I believe.

I would love to change to some 17" rims, but how easy/expensive is this? Obviously the cost depends on the rims I choose, and then the tyres, but what about actually getting them onto the mini? Will any garage do this? Is it just as simple as buying the rims and tyres separately, and then giving them to the garage and they will put the tyres on the rims and then the whole thing on the car? Or do other things have to be adjusted for the new size? Steering etc? Is this whole process fairly straight forward and cheap?

Is Ebay a good place to look for used rims?

Sorry if this all sounds obvious. It's my first car and everyone I've asked in the real world doesn't seem to know specifics. To top it off, I live in Austria and don't speak German very well, so simply going to a garage and asking is a little intimidating without at least having some knowledge before hand.
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