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How long before owner's lounge updates for my mini

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I ordered my MCS last week and got a production number. I set it up in owner's lounge and it shows the correct exterior color but it has the wrong interior and it shows no other options. How long before it shows all of the information?
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It will probably update in the next few days. What happens is your dealer submits your order and a car that is already scheduled to be built is modified to fit your order. When I ordred mine it displayed the correct color but never displayed any of my chosen options. If you call Mini Customer Service and give them your production number they should be able to confirm your options.
This issue has come up in the November Production Group thread. Check out (& commiserate with the rest of us while we wait):

There's also a Delivery, Shipping & Order Tracking forum, for lots more about the order tracking system.

By the way, how did you get the Rear Fog Light Kit ordered already? I heard that the kit for '05 wasn't out yet.
in case you don't want to browse through the November production group thread let me just tell you that my car is already in production, expected to be completed by Oct. 19th and my Cooper specs haven't been updated yet. I have checked with MINI USA to verify the spec though so it's safe. I have also read that this was the case with many other people as well, maybe a new thing, too lazy to update. If you want to be safe call 1866-ASK-MINI and say customer relations then give them your production number and they can check the spec for you.

My MA says that once the dealer has the info (added options, changed colors, etc.), the next business day it is sent to Germany. Then, on the following day, it is sent to England and the Owner's Lounge is updated. So two business days it takes to update.
It took ours a lot longer than two days to update.

It took two days (granted, on aa weekend) for the exterior color to get corrected. It was over a week for the options to get sorted, but they were right the whole time – our MA made us a printout of her order form, so I didn't worry about it being wrong, just not being there at all...

When the car was scheduled for production, I happened to call 866-ASKMINI and was told production had started. That was Friday, but the ol didn't show it until after Saturday evening.

And make with the rear fog info... :)
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