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How long to turn around my MOC?

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I spoke with my dealer yesterday (finally after ringing about 4 times over 2 days without any ring back from him!!) and he informed me that my Monty (Chili red MOC) will not arrive at the dealership until the 6th Oct. My delivery date was ment to be the 7th but he wasn't sure he could 'turn it around' that quickly.. Soo...

How long does it take to turn a car around ready for customer collection?? :confused:


What is involved in this turning around??
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It very much depends on the dealership and the 'relationship' you have with them.

Bought my MCC from a dealer I'd never had anything to do with before who have a high volume of cars going through (both Mini & BMW) and they offered a 3 day turnaround - as it was I couldn't collect it until a week later anyway.

On the flip side when I bought my Boxster they received the car at 12:15pm, PDI'd it, fitted tracker, valet etc. and I drove it off the forecourt at 6pm - but they are a much lower volume outfit and they had 'lost' the car in transit at one stage so owed me some flexibility.
Hmm so I could be waiting a few days for it.. Given the lack of urgency the sales guy seems to have I don't hold out much hope for having the day they promised it to me. I don't even have a reg. number for it yet. I know its only a couple of days but it will feel like an eternity knowing my car is at the dealership and I can't have it yet.... :(
I have just recieved confirmation from my dealer that I can collect my car on the 7th!! Only 6 days to go!! I am sooooo excited now! How am I going to get any work done!!

If I was to head to the dealer whilst they were closed to have a sneak peek after they take delivery of it on Monday, do you think I will be able to see it? Probably not I am guess they would lock it up somewhere...
I'm sure they would let you see it in the compound. Mine did and I got some photos of it wrapped in the delivery plastic!
Strange what you'll do whilst waiting.................................
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