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To the R52/R53 JCW Peoples(US for now, I suppose I could add our brethren from "across the pond" in on it)--Ive searched and looked high and low(if this has been done, please let me know)... since the JCW package was dealer install,as far as i know, they were not tracked. Maybe Mini dealers have a number of how many were sold; but... as intrusive as this may sound, i want to see if maybe, just maybe we can find sequential kit#s and how few(rare) the kit is by creating an excel spreadsheet of kit#s, location of (possible) install, year, and r52/53. No vin, or PII.

ill ante with S3913, san diego(i think), 2004, R53.

it may take a while as this is only one outlet, people arnt active in posting/reading, and i get sidetracked like it's cool. But if this does kick off pretty decently i will keep my #s updated with you all.--as of now i have 11 and I know that there are more out there.

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