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My Mini is recently back from its "10,000 mile" inspection, at roughly the 13,000 mile mark. The disk brake pads are all in the 9 to 10 mm range. How thin is too thin? What is an appropriate thickness to start looking for cleaner pads, and what is the likely life expectancy of the current pads?

On a similar front, I recently bought a combo tread depth, tire pressure gauge. My 16" Dunlop runflat tires have never been rotated. The fronts are in the 4-5 mm range, while the backs are about 6 mm. I was surprised how close together the tread depths were, as the rear tires still look close to new to my untrained eye. How much life should I have left on these treads, given I've driven a bit over 13,000 miles so far?
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