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How many special edition Minis are there?

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I went to a club meet last year and I saw a gen 2 GP, but also there was a Mini carbon which I was told was a special addition.

Whilst on the Coronavirus walk, I noticed two Cooper S Minis with a side decal with the number 37 on them. I understand the relevance of the number 37, but I didn't find any info online about this model.

Any thoughts or clues

Thanks for your assistance,


Special Edition Minis
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you could say all mini's are special editions as when ordered new the new buyer has thousands of option to click through to design what they want the car to look like and go like, there were special edition cars for when went rallying think their driver was chris meek and mini produced 200 or 400 cars think they were countyman all 4 based cars with jcw rally theme to them pro drive built were the true rally cars, believe mini withdrew their rally car after a season off top of my head , their cars were red and black , top gear done a feature on it,
Hi Mike

I got my Mini off the showroom floor so I didn't see much in the way of options. So I'm not up on all the options.

As previously discussed, there are cars like the JCW Challenger, which isn't mentioned in the link that is different to the stock JCW. As far as I can tell it has LSD, and fully adjustable suspension. I don't think these are options offered on a regular Mini.


below link worth a look
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