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How much is it worth?

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Being a two Mini family, the time has come to part with one of them. Sadly our Cooper Sidewalk has lost the toss and will have to be replaced with something more family sized.
Does anyone know how much an April 2007 Astro Black Cooper Sidewalk would be worth. It has done 8,000 miles with visibility pack, harmon kardon, Zenons and heated front seats as well as all the other usual bits and bobs.

Any pointers from the people in the know would be very useful and appreciated.
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What was the purchase cost?

My guess 15k without knowing what you paid for it and seeing the condition of it, ie stone chips or kerbed wheels
Hi Rakey and thanks for the info,
We paid about £20k for it with all the bits and is immaculate apart from one minor kerb scratching to a front wheel.

Very sad to be thinking about selling but at least we will still have the R56 JCW in the garage.
I'd probably still say the same amount, maybe a little bit more, but not much, as you take the biggest hit in the first year.
Dont we know it!
Your guestimate is about the same as ours............very difficult to value because there aren't too many around and the ones that ive seen for sale vary enourmously.....and without all the nice extras.
Well now is the best time to sell a convertible, as this is when people want them;)
Yes i know, we are just going to have to get it advertised i guess.........hard to do when the weather is nice tho.
I think that we might have undervalued it.

Advertised for 48hours and sold. It will soon be appearing at a dealer near you soon!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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