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umberto said:
I am thinking of adding the official cd changer in the boot and was wondering how much room back there will I be giving up? Also, how do people have it mounted...vertically against the side? the back? flat on the floor of the boot? where? Any complaints about the CD changer? How much have people paid for it?
the official one is mounted vertically against the right hand side of the boot (in UK). you lose a fair bit of space and it makes fitting objects longer than a golf unmbrella difficult. Main complaint combined with SS+ it skips far too much. you wont get a childs push chair in either unless its really small. not sure if you have to spec "cd changer prep" i think all MINIs have it now. when i ordered in 03 u had to spec it (was free option) check with your dealer.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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