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How to tell if car has LED headlights (when looking at ads)

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Hi all
Looking to get a countryman.
Unless it specifically lists LED headlights, how can I tell from looking at photos of car has them or not?
Looking at somewhere between 2016-2017 age (am I right in thinking they came out 2016)?
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Unit from ebay

Not sure if you can tell just by looking at the pics of the car, you would probably have to visually inspect the unit or enter the VIN to see what equipments it has from factory.

Maybe all F60 have LED headlights as standard :).
If you are after a new shape f60 then it will be 1917 onwards . We have a 1917 cooper and has chill pack that has the leds as standard with the pack . The pack all so has climate control so you can see the dash dials but when they stopped the packs the lights had to be added so not as many about.if you post a photo I can tell by looking at them
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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