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just been looking about and i see two different types of spring for an 02 car, some state before mar 02 others state after mar 02.

i presume that there was a change made hence why they state before and after,

how would i find out which mine need?

sure it says manufactured before and after so when the car was registered might not be a good guide.

any way of knowing, any tell tale signs? i wouldnt want to buy the wrong ones.

and i know this isnt the right section for this but it saves another post, where,s the best place to buy the playmini exhaust?

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Basically all first gen minis have the same top mounts apart from certain special cooper s suspension packages and the GP BUT not all the cars have the same spring cups.

My car is a september 2001 build but there was apparantly a 6 month period when they changed the spring cups and then changed them back. i think it was end of 2001 to 2002 sometime.

When I got my eibach springs they decided to send me the ones from the 6 month period for some reason and would not fit BUT one of my friends got the eibach springs for his S and it said for mini one,cooper,cooper s, D, convertible on the side. :confused:

Normally as long as you give the right information you will get the correct item but my advice would be to pick a spring and ring the company and tell them some information on the car so they know what ones to send.

So from what I was told yes, different springs at start of 2002 then changed back to normal after that period in 2002.

Sorry i started rambling lol:D
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