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Hows this for the biggest load of rubbish you ever heard?

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Just looking for some new front tyres for my MCS and like most/many am planning on ditching the useless runflats (ok they have added safety of the sidewalls etc etc) .

Anyway gave a call to a garage in Knaresborough (just outside Harrogate) and asked for a price on 205 45 17's for a MCS, the guy told the other half that you cannot put non-runflats on the Mini as it will invalidate your warranty, the tyres dont fit on the rims properly and they would not fit non runflats to a Mini and kinda made out it was dangerous, obviously I wont be taking my car there, due to the dont know what there talking about factor. Rang another garage up and advised them what car the tyres were for and he was more than helpful and also advised that what the other garage told me was the biggest load of crap, he advised that runflats were horrible :D

Forgot to mention the guy added - we have pirelli runflats at £120.00 a corner and when asked how much cheapest branded non runflats were he advised £73 but didnt give the brand.
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numpties :D
trying to scare someone into a sale is a bit naughty in my view
I think a pimp slap of the highest order is required!

Agreed. I have just had a new clutch under warranty and mine has non runflats on it.
Non Runflats

Hi, have had Pirelli PZero Assims on my Cooper for the last 7000 miles. No problems, and the dealer has not said anything when it went in for service. :)
This confirms what a bunch of cowboys these guys are, I already knew that I could fit non-runflats, just that i couldnt believe the answer from an established tyre dealer - lol
Just about to pick up 2 tyres for £100 after doing alot of shopping around :)
14000 miles on Non-RFs, lots of warranty work :( and not a sausage out of the dealer. Of course this doesn't affect the warranty and of course normal tyres will fit on the rim. The runflats aren't those special ones that require a specific rim....
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