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scudder is bang one the money with that, also the heated rear screen is controlled by a relay that is soldered on to the bcm very common for these to melt and stop working especially on heated windows as some people forget they are on or just keep them switched on and over time heat does its wrecking job on it,, i would first off see if have a voltage at the plug on window strip, if no volts then check wiring back to bcm and the fuse for it ie look in owners manual will show heated fuse number, check fuse also check the fuse has a live to one side of holder when ignition is on and heated window switch is on, if no volts then do same with wiring from heated window switch back to bcm,, the bcm controls everything on the car in some way it links all the other ecu's and relays and switches in to a seal unit as such, years a go could just replace a £5 relay and fixed, but with these stupid bcm's its a new unit at £800 plus or £200-£300 repair by someone like BBA REMEN,, theft is it what it is being rinsed by the car makers to empty out pockets after their warranty has gone or to force more cars off the road when get older, also the bcm is programmed to the car cant just fit secondhand one unless its been cloned i know a guy who can do this now at fraction of the price of all the other options, that said i have in past soldered the circuit boards and removed the soldered on relays before and its a proper pain without some very expensive solder gear and good eyes lol hopefully it will just be as scudder says
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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