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I'm sure some of you have missed the unbearable fun and excitement over on the New England board. Yes, sometimes it's like watching paint dry. But other times we do come up with our share of thrills.

This coming winter we have a road trip to HUDSON'S BAY, Canada planned. MINIs only. I sent an email to the group today bringing them all up to speed, and I thought I'd share it with all of you. We'd LOVE to have you join us!

(If you want more info, on the web, pls click this link)


A general email, bringing everyone up to speed.

I know some of you may have said you're not in, others maybe getting this by mistake since you're in my Outlook Auto folder, and still others, well, because I want to annoy you. If you would like me to remove you, just let me know 'cause I'm making a HB folder within Auto.

David, LePew on the boards, and I are doing a PR campaign. Well, mostly David is doing the PR work. I have therefore taken it upon myself to appoint David the MINIster of Promotion (mostly because he was first to say, "yeah".) We are contacting stores and mail order catalogs for promo stuff. As I mentioned on MINI2, in exchange we are offering to pose with their sign/banner in the snow :) I think we have TireRack, Bavarian, Griots covered (although not on board yet). I asked Eric at Helix. Does anyone else have entree's in anywhere, or other ideas? If so, either please follow up and let David know, or, send David the info.

The tact we are taking is: let us show how your products work in extreme environments. (Which, of course, begs the question, how do we get your product? You supply us promo stuff.)

David is also contacting BMW NA. If someone has a special body in there, please contact him. They can be very helpful.

He posted on most of the boards. If you visit them, click on the links and talk it up. It shouldn't seem there are 3 crazies only going. Strength in numbers, and numbers in presence.

As the date gets closer I'll be making up fliers. Please ask the MA in your local MINI dealership if they can post it in the lounge. You can also ask the dealer if they care to participate. Gift certificates, or, one even, as a door prize, maybe t-shirts, etc.

I have been saying that although we are a small group, relative to MOT, we are louder and more fun :) Seriously, we are core, and this WILL get lots of exposure and we will let someone hop on for "stuff". They are then welcome to the photo op afterwards. Does anyone have other ideas for publicity? For promo stuff, give-always, etc?

We are working on clothing. While t-shirts would obviously be cheaper, we are working on fleece vests, considering the time of year and the art for the logo involved. Any thoughts? These might be about $20 each, when all is said and done. But, they would be top shelf, with a threaded, embroidered logo, probably on the back. Of course, we would have to have precommitments because we don't want to ask someone to buy 36 on spec, and have them get left with 12...

Please stop by MINI2 and see the post about the logo. MINI dog pulling the big sled, or, I have made another with a map of Hudson Bay in the plaque area. That one will obviously be cheaper to reproduce. Can someone else work up an idea in Photoshop? I have the 'naked' banner I can email to save time on that portion.

Does anyone have a handle on making clings, stickers or decals of the plaque?

As best I can tell, we have about 6 cars firmly committed. There are perhaps another 10-12 expressing interest. If you haven't already done so, please give Suzie a call and get a room: the Auberge Radisson in Radisson (819) 638-7201. Remember, you are with David and all the other crazies:)

We need help with rooms the night BEFORE. As best we can tell, probably in the Val d' or area. JP Dowd said he'd follow up on this. We also need rooms north of Montreal Monday night. Any suggestions or volunteers? Anyone have a cousin who would put up 12 MINIs

We need to decide what we are doing Sunday. Again, we can take a guided 4 hour tour of the Hydro plant. May sound ho-hum, but it's the world's largest underground and I am sure they will treat us right. The tour will be in English.

We can also rent ski-doos. ($150 a day, plus gas, before bargaining. I don't think we'd do it the entire day though) Or, we can go for a twin Engine Otter ride. (I think the plane is $400 Canadian. I forget how many it holds, but I recall thinking about $25 maybe $30 a head?) Out over the lake, and/or looking for caribou. (For a little more, he said he'd land us and find a caribou herd and herd it towards us with the plane. WOW!) There might be other things too. While we don't have to decide today, and not everyone has to do the same thing, we need to book this stuff before hand.

You could email Claude Gagne, the General Manager of Radisson (although don't ask me what that means) He could shed some more light on Radisson and the area at the end of the road. [email protected] He also suggested "Also it would be nice to do some photos of your group in Radisson and an interview on our local radio."

I'm not sure, but I think this is the email address for the Northern Quebec Vacation Guide: [email protected] It's the Mandow Agency, and the guy's name is Sam. They put together a very nice packet, including a pin showing the emblem of James Bay (which is the largest municipality in the world) There is a booklet in there, maybe 50 pages, filled with outfitters, motels, pictures and other stuff. Send for this.

If you know of anyone else who might like to come, the more the better. I doubt this will be an annual event, like MOT, but I am certain it will be a memorable and a very, very exciting event. If they are leaning, push them over the edge. From our point of view, the more, the better. From theirs, this is a MINI trip not to be repeated.

This might have been helter skelter, and I apologize for that. I winged it free form, rather than making organized notes. But, we are off to a good start. If there are other points that need tracking, either volunteer, or let me know and I'll find someone. We want this to be seamless, and FUN

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