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I know you Jersey-ites, Marylanders, Viginians and others don't pay us Up-Northerners the time of day... :) so I am posting this here too! Please, join us? (well, me at this point)

Driving home from work this evening I had a fresh idea...driving in NY/NJ during rush hour sucks. Not very challenging, hot, humid, too much traffic and, horror of horrors, I have been passing MINIs lately that don't wave! (Can you imagine that?)

So I thought, what better way to remedy this then another ROAD TRIP

And by far, one of the best road trips I've taken was the Hudson Bay or Bust trip in October of 2002.

That was the fall. It was very colorful, and just a tad cold. Now, I am thinking FEBRUARY, 2004.

Anyone want to come along? As of yet (4 hours into this plan) the details are, eh, sketchy. I thought Feb so I can bring my son as a co-pilot (school vacation.) We can do a long weekend (my last trip was just over 60 hours), maybe take 5 days and not do the same roads twice (ie, return another way), actually CAMP (there's a novel idea), or, I'm open.

This place should be outrageous this time of year. The road is plowed and maintained, but I would imagine there would be 6-8 feet of snow to drive through.

I was giving serious thought to the ALCAN 5000 this winter but work prevented that. This idea really excites me.

If you are remotely interested, that's ok, you are normal. :) Here are a few sites.

and this one is a commercial site

and this one is a group of nuts, err, students:

There is another site showing a winter break road trip, but I can't find it now.

Anyone interested?
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