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Hyper Blue with roof flag/decal

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I have a MCS in HB/W with Union Jack roof on order for November delivery. :D
I am beginning to think the flag was a bad choice as it would look funny? :confused:

The question is do i -

1) Keep the Union Jack
2) Change to a St George Cross (which at the moment i think would look better)
3) Go with a plain white roof

Any pictures of a Hyper Blue MINI with a roof decal (preferably a Union Jack or St George Cross) would be most helpful, i have looked everywhere and cant find any!

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I think Uj would look fine I know its a slightly different colour but saw indi blue with UJ and thought it looked good.

Whatever you do make sure you get the UJ or st george that goes to edge of roof, dont let them fit old part number
Keep the Union Jack. I have seen it on indy blue MINIs and it looks great! You can always take it off later if you don't like it.
UJ looks excellent on HB/W - keep it! :D
this came off BMW press website full roof uj looks good??


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keep it white
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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