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What is it?
Hyper Voltage System is a product that is designed to stabilize voltage from your vehicle’s battery for enhanced electrical system efficiency. Allowing your battery to operate more efficiently will help your vehicle operate at its full potential, helping to restore power, increase fuel efficiency, lengthen battery life, reduce emissions, etc. Basically, when Hyper Voltage System is installed it stores energy from your battery and releases it as necessary to stabilize voltage for increased electrical system efficiency. Whereas Hyper Ground System increases efficiency by providing an ultra-low resistance ground path, Hyper Voltage System increases efficiency by helping to provide a constant and stabilized energy supply from the battery. Hyper Voltage System is designed to work in conjunction with Hyper Ground System, although each separate product is effective by itself.

How does it work?
Your vehicle battery is designed to hold a charge of energy and release it to all the electrical components as necessary. However, with multiple systems demanding for energy from the battery simultaneously, the power from the battery can be used faster than the battery supply. This causes the voltage from the battery to fluctuate and reduces electrical system efficiency.
The engineering team at Sun Automobile designed Hyper Voltage System specifically for its purpose: researching, developing, and testing to bring the best product available to the market. Installing Hyper Voltage System to your battery will help to keep voltage constant for increased efficiency, allowing electrical components to operate at their peak potential. By increasing efficiency, power that is otherwise lost can be restored, response can be increased, while increasing fuel mileage, reducing emissions, lengthening battery life, etc.

Sounds like a hoax, where’s the proof?
Hyper Voltage System was first debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2003. Being the first of its kind on the market, of course skepticism about its effectiveness was abundant following the release. However, after being tested and reviewed by several Japanese magazines (Option, REV Speed, Autoworks, etc) and other people started reporting on how effective it was on their own vehicles, once again the pioneering efforts of the Sun Auto team were successful. In the US, Hyper Voltage System debuted at the 2003 SEMA show. Once again, it was the first product of its kind to be introduced to the US market. Since its release, Hyper Voltage has been showcased in many US magazines (Import Tuner, Super Street, Modified, Honda Tuning, Dsport, etc.) as well as tested by many of our distribution partners to be effective.

What is the difference between LR, HR, and MR types?

Type LR: for lower rev performance (torque)
Type HR: for higher rev performance (horsepower)
Type MR: Combines LR and HR in one unit for the best overall performance.
The unit itself comes in gold, silver, or black, and the wires that are attached to the unit comes in red, blue, yellow, smoke, silver, or gold.
Overall, the MR type gives you the best overall performance value, as it combines the LR and HR into one unit. The LR and HR types are available as an economical alternative to the higher performing MR type. Additionally, we have seen that using multiple Hyper Voltage Systems on the same battery can have an increased performance effect over using one by itself.
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