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I need a steering column and switch stalks please!

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Good evening and hello!

I have jumped in from the Lotus forum where I am modifying an Elan, hoping that someone will help me as I know nothing about the Mini2, classic Mini, yes, but the new ones, nothing!

I wish to modernise the Elan's Spifire donor steering column with something that is up to date with all light and wiper functions on two stalks. I do not need power assistance nor do I need adjustment. I appreciate that I might have to cut the spindle somewhere to mate up with the u/j on the Triumph rack. This is not a problem. I wish to buy, or have a parts list to buy a complete assembly - column, spindle, stalk switch cluster, ignition switch and outer cowling.

Will someone please tell me what the simplest column there is for my needs, or tell me in detail what I should collect from ebay to make up a simple, complete column that is in as good a condition next to new.

maybe someone here has something suitable for sale?

Many thanks in advance!
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