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I need alittle help...thinking about trading up to an S

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I bought a Purple Haze cooper and recieved it in Oct. Lately I have been kicking myself for not getting the S (in hyper blue).
I am wondering is there anyone out there who had/has this same problem??

Its not that I don't love my cooper... but I am not completely loving the purple haze and I have been reading reviews of the '05 Cooper S that make me jealious..

It would be totally crazy to trade my brand new car in and take a huge hit.. but still the thought that I would be happier haunts me...

What do you think? Am I crazy? :confused:

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I had my Cooper for only a year and a half before I traded her in for an S convert. Don't regret the move at all! And I didn't take a finacial hit at all (even though I thought I would cause I had 37K on the cooper). I actually made money on the deal. It's worth just haveing the dealer appraise the car and see what they say.
I recently drove a Cooper and was astounded at the difference between it and my S performance wise. However, the Cooper is just as much fun if speed isn't the issue. The Cooper looks great, handles well and is just a joy in the way that only a mini can be.
The fact that I drove an S first made my choice easy, it was the only one for me.
Supercharger whine is addictive. :D
You shouldn't lose too much should you decide to trade in such a short space of time.
If you are unhappy you should at least check it out and see if it's worth it. And drive an S to see if you think the extra premium is worth it.
Maybe give it a bit more time, see how you feel by summer.
Summertime brings more direct sunshine for viewing your Purple Haze beauty, and drier, warmer weather for fully exploiting the performance of the Cooper, being that it needs higher revs than the S.
Here in the dread of winter my Cooper sees a lot of short shifting due to either ice/snow covered roads, or lately very bumpy roads due to warmer temperatures causing potholes and, on back roads uneven areas where melting has occurred followed by patches where snow is still accumulated, etc.
Makes for less than happy commuting - actually want it to get colder so one can keep the car clean longer than a day. With all the sand dumped here when it snows, it turns to muddy roads when temperatures rise.
The Cooper is much more fun to drive when the only wheelspin you get is what you call for, rather than annoying slippage due to winter. Once you get to use the 4 - 6K rev range there seems to be plenty of forward motion. I sometimes think about an S, but honestly feel owning one may only bring about speeding tickets.
Back to the color issue, right now dark blues are all the rage, and I admit many cars are looking very good in their various hues of blue. But I think that a saturation point has been reached with blues, and in the long run, your choice of purple may span the test of time. Hyper Blue is a good color; Indi Blue before it was even better in my opinion, but they are common sights now on MINIs. I have yet to see a Purple Haze on the road, only saw one in the showroom.
Think of it this way : you have a unique color on a still unique car - gotta love it!
Have not heard any complaints from owners of the now discontinued Silk Green and Velvet Red.
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eh, you're probably crazy, but we all are.

I'd check the value, especially ask your dealer about tradein prices. Maybe its not such a huge hit. And maybe it is, in which case you shouldn't kick yourself over color. And be happy about the better milage you get on an MC and save for an MCS for your next car whenever you plan on doing that.

If its going to make you mad every moment you're in the car though - you might want to look at it, but it is just color, and you don't even see the color much from inside the car, so you need to be realistic.
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