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I went to car meet. There were cool cars, remote location, and late at night. Eitherway I got bored and started driving. I quickly started doing donuts or the scanadian flick (if my memory is correct). My friends told me people were cheering me on. Minutes later people started doing donuts, burnouts, good thing nothing bad came from this.
I used to play a lot motorsport games. I'm on my second MINI, I got in an accident with my first one. I took to the oppoturnity to get a stick shift and get 1 year older r53. The car is great, prior owner was a BMW mechanic and an Autocross Enthuasist. So, my car is fitted chassis supports (like many) for autocross! It also has Stage 1 clutch and flywheel. Another thing, I hate using the AC. When I do use it it's put of harmony, like I have to relearn the car:angry:!! Eitherway I just compesate by being driving more aggressive :big_grin:

Search my car on Youtube: (can't post URLs)

MINI Cooper S R53 Headers+Decat, Cold Start and Driving Compilation

Mini Cooper S R53 Invidia Exhaust Catless + Megan Headers
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