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I ordered a MCS! woohoo

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ordered last saturday for a march build.
expecting 6-8weeks for delivery.
It's a dark gray with white top. three packages and lsd.
I will be parting out my '99 miata and selling it soon.
can't wait!! :)
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Congratulations :D...great colour choice ;)

Tinks :dark:
Congrats... Your pain is comming.. :D I mean the wait, not the car.
I ordered in last Thx giving. The car is now in VDC... weeks to go. The wait is killing me. ;)
Congratulations. :)
It will be worth the wait. :)
Well done dude (or dudette!) :D

What i wanna know is how you guys are getting your cars so quick?! :confused: I put deposit down in October....expected second week of April!! :rolleyes:
Well yes I just can't wait till end of march!!
also it's a pain to part out my beloved miata..
I only have 2 months to part out and sell it!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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