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as Starman famously said.

Hello all, first time mini owner, NOT first time forum user, so I hope to not commit any transgressions.

Was looking around for one for a bit because,well, they’re fun.
test drove a pile of Shhh 04 mcs on Thursday, but it was fun enough…

found one on FB marketplace posted recently but 4 hours drive away on Saturday afternoon, messaged and they responded that they still had it, amd provided vin and some more pictures which I ran thru mdecoder to check the options.

wife gave the ok and we all got up super early Sunday am, drove up there by noon and it wasn’t as nice as it looked in photos ( isn’t that always the case?), but also it wasn’t heavily molested. Just some minor things like cravenspeed strut defenders, which are a Good thing, and a pulley.

the bad: it sounds like a tractor and you can feel the exhaust pouring out from under the car so I’m pretty sure it has the (what I know now to be common) cracked/ weld split pre cat, and It had literally bald tires on the rear. And it was filthy with a whiff of devils lettuce inside.

so we bought it, found a gas station and filled it up, and found a used tire place open on a Sunday, got two decent used rear tires on it, took my son (almost 16 and a big fan of initial D and drifting) to get his back to school haircut while I scrubbed at least a solid mm of grime and gunk off the steering wheel shift knob and pretty much every touchable surface, and then drove it the 4 hours back home while my wife drove my lowered F31 for the first time Behind us.

So now I’m now a the owner of a 06 JCW MCS manual as a project car for me and my second son to work on and fix up. it Did come with the belt changing lever tool, and an uninstalled as of yet x force header, and the de-riguer check engine light… luckily I still have my BMW diagnostics and coding computer from my e46 wagon (now eldest son‘s) so I converted DIS to mini and have some research to do on that.

it’s a full factory JCW, even has the funky but cool JCW carbon wing, heated seats, auto air, sunroof, xenons, the add on driving lights, the two piece wheels(r90? or r99?) and the bonnet stripes, which have cracked and given up the ghost and are slowly being inch by inch removed so new ones can be later applied. and the horn worked until I cleaned the engine bay last night so probably gonna have to do hellas on it.

my car history:
as a younger and more single man, owned a 73 and 74 MGB , learned to wrench, tune side drafts, and did some solo 2.
Then sold and owned an AWD DSM (heating! Ac! A roof!) back before forums &social media when you got info from mailing lists. those were the hottest most tunable thing on the road before F&F and the Supra big power craze happened.

owned one of the first e34 wagons and Was one of the first to manual swap one back in the day when I had two small children, and it was euro’d OEM+ to the max, (manual tilt headlights anyone? first to figure that out). Sold it for a Tahoe because I had plans of family camping and such. Things didn’t work out and First wife kept the Tahoe in the divorce to spite me and wrecked it twice. (Karma).
got the fully loaded 04 e46 wagon second hand when I was newly single but had the boys to tote around to go skateboard and such on weekends, it was eventually converted to emulate euro spec even down to the factory tv tuner ( which btw will also work on nav equipped r50/52/53 since they are electronically mostly e46) And learned some ncs expert coding. Brought my little girl home from hospital in it a week after I pulled two all nighters finishing the rear fogs, city lights, euro switch, and other retrofits. Even learned how to Virginize an LKM to put in a euro switch. Couldn’t bring her home in a stock vehicle! That one I gave to my eldest non car person son last year.

once I hit 200k + convinced my new wife who had @ the time an 04 e83 sport (she’s great) that I was time to invest in getting me something newer and more reliable and economical and bought a 2015 (last of preLCI with active xenon’s actual replaceable bulbs and remote flashable ecus) f31 diesel MSport wagon, with every package but drivers aids And HK. Then retrofitted some m3 and LCi interior goodies, 335 brakes, lip, diffuser, lowered on KWs with 19s, match up7bmw amd earthquakes with my own personal DSP tune (24 hours of tuning in that alone) etc.
it’s a Wednesday car so it’s been dead nuts reliable. Learned to use ESYS to code that one. Like all my prior wagons has no amber parking light, rear fogs, fogs with high beams, euro switch, and remote window closing.

And here we are, almost full circle. Now back with a relatively impractical but fun little “british car” with German engineering except this time it’s eventually for my teen who I hope will learn to like grip vs drift, as I wasn’t going to pay the JDM+drift tax.

yes, yes, pics. I know, here they are, what little I have of the r53 and one of my f31 that my son took on the way back from ABQ.

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