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I take my license test tomorrow... EDIT: I PASSED!!!!

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Well, tomorrow's the big day, my drivers license test. I'm super nervous and just want to get it over with, and obvioulsy, pass. From what I've gathered from reading around here the test here in the states is far easier than the test over there. All they have us do here in Califronia other than drive is pull up to a curb and back up for 100 feet. I did that about five times today and did pretty much fine. I've driven plenty, too, but am still very nervous. Also, I'm taking my test in my mom's huge SUV, a Licoln Navigator... yay... :(. Oh well, it drives nicely. I don't even care about driving right now. The only reason I want to pass my test so badly right now is so I can wait for my Cooper while I have a license, which is due to arrive in November. Also, passing would be nice, as I've gotten plenty of criticism from my stupid friends for the past year and half of having my license (I'm almost 17 1/2). If I fail, I'm going to hear ten times as much criticism from my friends, fun, fun... :(. I should pass but I'm just so stressed out right now....:( Wish me luck!

EDIT: Well, I passed! It all went well for the most part. The only things I got marked down on were not scanning enough and for being a couple of feet away from the curb when I finished backing up. I ended up getting marked down 9 points, when you can get marked down 15 and still pass. So, I guess I did alright, but a pass is a pass! :p Now I can just wait for my MINI in peace! :D
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Good luck mate :D

Take a deep breath and drive well! :)

*fingers and toes crossed for ya* :D :p
Good luck! Hope all goes well for ya :D;)

good luck - let us know how it goes :)
Hope everything went well for you. :cool: I teach in a Mini oneD and never have any probs filling spaces for lessons, got a new one arriving in Nov. got my fingers crossed for you.
I passed! I edited my first post so you can read about my experience!
haha, congrats champ :D

Glad it all went well for you :)
Big Congrats!!!! I failed my driving test on Tuesday actually (again) lol. Well done you Big Hugs!
Congratulaions..... :D
afromanbob said:
I passed! I edited my first post so you can read about my experience!
Well done.;)
Nice one mate, look forward to hearing tales of your MINI experiences once it arrives. :)
Yeah baby.........well done, :D

take it easy out there and be safe.

I have taken my driving test in both England and America, and yes you are right our test in England is a lot harder. I was so suprised at my American test going in thinking that it would be wrong, it was very easy!! But well done anyway, it's always a relief to get through it! :D

Drive conservatively and pay attention to the road - It helps keep the insurance rates affordable!
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