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I think my wheel refurb ruined my R90'S??

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OK, well some of you actually witnessed this happening :eek: - but, back in October I really badly damaged my 2 passenger side wheels

nasty, though they were kerbed befor due to my parking - which has since improved, but I waited to make sure I wasn't kissing any more kerbs before looking in to having them fixed, plus I was originally told it would take 4 days because of the polished metal rim - which I love.

So, after being told by a few companies that they couldn't do it because of the polished metal rim I was finaly put in touch with a place that would do them. I had been quoted €70 per wheel to respray the 2 offending wheels all in the same paint - but I said no because they look good with the 2 different textures. This place said they could make them good as new for €120 a wheel - fine. Happy days

So, I went to pick it up this morning and they've done exactly what I didn't want, they sprayed each entire wheel the same so I've lost the polished metal rim on my two passenger wheels. I did say it to them but they said it's the only way they can be fixed without replacing the rim which is circa €200 per wheel to do.

I don't know if I'm over reacting, I know they look better than they did with scrapes all over them, and the difference is minute but I really did love the shine from the metal rim when they were clean, I'm just a little disappointed but I'm not sure I would have paid €400 to have the rims replaced anyway. This is what they look like now - the two sides of the car are different :(

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:eek: thats not good, they didn't do what you asked them to, and they have made the wheels different to before. Thats unacceptable, whether you can live with the wheels or not ;) i'd be after them for compensation :mad:
so they charged you 120 euros a wheel to do exactly what they said they could do for 70?

i know what i'd be doing :mad:
It was another company who quoted me €70 to do that - but I didn't want it done that way. I thought they were just charging me more because they could do it properly :mad:
If it makes you feel any better Lou, I just kerbed one of my 18" JCW Alloys, nothing large, I'll get a dremel out this weekend to try and sort it, but it's maddening to see it after only three days of having her on the road.

Going to MTM?
i'd be having serious words Lou, if not going into writing
Can I though? - I accpeted his explaination, paid and drove off.

Not sure about M2M, I've to wait and see if I'll be around for it - hopefully - if I'm not too long finding out. Sorry to hear about your wheels too Ned
might be tricky, if you'd dug your heels in when you picked it up it might have been better. I'd at least try tho. ;)
I always get intimidated by the jargon they start spouting off, he did know I wasn't happy though.

I'll give it a wash and see how different the 2 sides are, if I can live with it.
Do the wheels actually come apart - I think so - if so, couldnt the stainless rim be shotblasted back to the shiny finish perhaps? :)

I would hassle them Lou, they promised one thing, actually did another without verifying it with you first, thing you should say something at least, and don't take no for an answer.
The R90's do come apart... I've a very very slight kerb mark on one of mine and I spoke to a good wheel shops about it. They take the centre off and use a spare spider to clamp it into a computer controlled CNC lathe. They'll then take a fraction off the surface to machine it down to take the kerb damage out... if the damage is very deep they'll weld it up first. They can adjust the shine of the finish depending on what you want. they use the same machiine to do the 19" M3 rims with a complete machined face.

Lou... if you asked for the wheel to be repaired to match the others, i'd be taking it back or at least getting a refund. It's not beyonf repair though... it just needs machined down to the bare metal and then lacquered.

btw.. this place charges £100 a rim, so not cheap, but the best place I know of tbh. They did an old BBS set of wheels I had on my old BMW and made a fantastic job, so I trust them completely.
Have you paid already? Because I wouldn't if they've not done what was originally agreed. :(

I've got a slight kerbing on one of my wheels and I'm in a similar predicament in that it is not a straightforward job to fix them. They are black-sprayed chrome so there is a chance that it may not match the others. So far I've not bothered.
Bad news:

Should have moaned more.
Should not have paid.

Good news (possibly):

If you paid by credit card (not debit), then you may have some recompense. As long as your credit card company is a major one, then you should be OK.

Speak to the guys, explain again that you are not happy, not as previously described...etc. Explain that you were quoted less but came to them as they were going to do it properly. Ask for it to be put right. Should they give you problems you/they have 3 choices:

1. Either accept the work that they have done, but insist on only being charged lower price (70 Euro).

2. Accept the work as it is, but point out that they need to rectify the other 2 wheels to match. For free, ideally, or more realistically, at a reduced price. (this depends on if the other 2 are in bad condition).

3. Do not accept the work, speak to your credit card company and tell them that the work was not acceptable and your instructions were ignored. Explain that you were forced to pay as you could not drive home with 2 wheels (or whatever the reason was). Tell them to chargeback the amount to your account.

With no.3 you should be ok as the wheel company will need to submit proof of acceptability to the credit card company before the card co pays up. Your only problem is that you have already signed the slip (in theory, accepting the work) and you have a harder job proving that it was not what you wanted. (Unless you have it in writing, which I doubt due to the overall cost of the job)


Never pay up if you are not happy, as it is always harder to get the money back. If you have to pay (if they are holding your car, wheels...etc) then write "paid under protest" on the slip and you will have more of a case.

Good luck either way...
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The horse has already bolted, time to live and learn.

Your repaired wheels looks good, and I doub't if anyone would notice, although as you already know about it its going to always paly on your mind.


Let your wife drive your car for a few days, rims will soon be well and truely shagged again, then get all 4 repaired to look the same. :rolleyes:

Flog them on ebay? buyer wont notice, get new style wheels with proceeds.

Never clean them, then they'll look the same.

Or forget about it, your car will still look fantastic without you having to spend more money, and as you can't see both sides of the car at the same time no one will notice.

Always look on the bright side. Or is that the shiney side>?< :rolleyes:
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mad brummie said:
erm, tony, Lou is female ;)

Oh dear. Well that does explain the original parking damage, I was confused as to how it could have happened.

Please insert **other half** instead of wife in previous post... ;) :D :D :D
[email protected]!

I can park now BTW. The other two wheels are perfect and I paid by cheque. I've been thinking about it, and examining them closely, the difference isn't huge and I think it was just that I would have appreciated a phone call explaning they would need to do that.

Anyway, end of the day they're only wheels, I did accept their explaination at the time so I don't really think it would be appropriate to call back. I've asked a few random people since too and they think I'm being OTT about it so I'll just put up and shut up. Thanks for all your replies :)

So the secret being never to curb my R90s! :eek:

*touches wood*
i have a similar prediciment with some bk299s on my non-MINI (chrome lip) i wet-and-dried and polished some minor kerbing on mine then relaqured the whole lot by using halfords normal spray laquer. unfortunately it's sh*te! the fresh laquer isnt hard enough and all the brake dust etc ate into it mean very perminantly gruby wheel very quicky. I'm tempted to have all four completely resprayed with paint (like lous) which will make future refurbs a hell of a lot easier!
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