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Hi All

I hope I have posted in the correct thread here. I recently purchased a new R56 Mini Cooper LCI (with chilli pack) and have a query about upgrading the media pack in the car. I had understood that the standard LCI model came with the ability to connect my phone to access navigation, apple CarPlay etc (i.e. the ability to connect to Mini Connected). I have since been advised that, for this functionality, I would have had to have upgraded to the Media Pack. Setting aside the fact that I am really annoyed by this (the Mini website lists connectivity as a "standard feature" on the new LCI model and I also advised at the time of purchase that spotify connectivity was important to me (i.e. not just standard bluetooth)), does anyone know if the standard LCI model's software can be upgraded to include this functionality? I'm assuming that the hardware is already there but I could be wrong. The standard model I have has the 6.5" "Infotainment Screen" but I'm not sure if you would have also needed some sort of "visual boost" pack in order for it to be retrofitted (I know that was the case on older models).

Mini have said it is unlikely that it can be retrofitted and I need to visit a Mini Centre but I thought I'd double check here first.


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