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ICE Installation - Warranty issues

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Does anybody know or had experience with regards to voiding their warranty due to ICE installation ? I contacts customer services at BMW and they said it may be voided and that it is there to protect the customer.

Any details or info on this would be greatly received.

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I think that is taking P*** cant believe that installing
new ice could void warranty, last 10 years I have had
4 new cars and have always installed new ICE and have never
had any warranty issues.

Having said that they all have been installed by professionals, rather than me, so dont know if that would make a difference.

Mind u at the weekend I fitted the mudflaps perhaps I should
have checked with customer services first
I don't think this should effect your warranty. I had my old ice system put in my MINI by the garage so it better not effect the warranty as they didn't say anything at the time!
i dont see why it should affect your warranty,

my dealer was quite impressed and said it was feckin loud and he wanted to change his stereo, lol

also my car was stripped completely for wiring new alarm and they were fine with it, also they have to proove that the new stereo is causing any problems but done properly it wont,

IMO It should'nt effect your warranty as if it did,I dont think the members on here would have changed there audio in the first place.
Is there anything that BMW have said wont effect your warranty :confused: :confused: :D :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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