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Hi all,

Problem 1 - Idle issues
For reasons unknown, my MCS engine decided to hunt between 1000-1200rpm then drops back to the normal 900rpm. It does it every now and then and this has only been started today.

Any ideas? I know the DME sets the idle range to whatever it thinks it's correct and one possibility I could think of is that the by-pass valve is playing up. Any more leads?

Problem 2 - Engine vibrates after switching off
Switch it off as per normal then it dies out as per normal but came along with it is that it vibrates for 2 seconds. Seems as if it's telling me something sinister is happening or about to happen.

Any ideas or possible worst scenario?

Not sure if this matters, the car is a '02 MCS done 60k miles/94k km, wasn't driven for 3 months and only started driving it once again in the last couple of weeks. Power-wise, I haven't noticed anything unusual and mileage/fuel economy is exactly what it has been all along.

Either way, I'll get the dealer to do a scan and see if it's chucking any code but any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks guys (and gals).
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