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IMM anyone ?

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I'm tempted to attend this years IMM, which is in Scotland this year. Should have my MINI by then. Just wondered in anyone else has thought of going ?
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smartbomb, what is IMM please? I have not a clue, sorry!
Its the international mini meet. Last year was in Austria, I didn't go but know someone who did.
Would like to visit Scotland, and this seems like a good opportunity to go.
That sounds fun! What date, smartbomb, please? :)
I'll have to look into it, if you can give me a bit of time. I'll be going to a number of shows this year....London to Brighton, mini in the park, Stanford Hall and a few others.
The London to Brighton is good fun, and think that it'd make a good meeting spot for MINI owners...
Do you think we would be welcomed at any of these events?? I will be at the london to brighton but I doubt they will let us on the official run..
OK the IMM is on from the 24th til the 27th of May in Kinross. I'll give some thought to if I go or not. I fancy the Edinburgh festival this year too....
I'm not sure either about the run come to think about it. After last year I have decided to drive down Sturday morning instead, find a place to stay and hit Brighton Sat and Sun. It's not too far from me but I like it so much I wanna make the most of it ! Besides the run whilst good fun gets split up along the way. So this year I'll buy a run plaque and sticker and cheat !
Maybe the MINI crowd can meet somehwere ?
Last time I was there saw Fatboy Slim gig on the beach...truly awesome....!
Whereabouts is Bingley Hall ? Not heard of that show before....
Cheers Martyn,
I doubt I'll be going as a bit under the weather at present. Hope you'll take loads of pics, and let us know the reaction towards Amy.
I will be at the IMM and the thistle run the weekend after but I am going in my Mini Van:cool:
Change of plan,will still be going but I have sold my Van;)
I will be at the IMM, booked last year pre new MINI.
The IMM is a club meet (you can only go as part of a mini club)I will be representing Oldham mini club with i think only one other member so will be glad to meet any MINI2 members.
Have noticed there seems to be a rather negative vibe towards this kind of event on this site I dont know why.
I was glad to still drive a car with mini on the front after ten years in a classic. I could of traded it in for some eurobox.
I intend to carry on visiting shows of this sort and urge mini2 regulars to get involved and well done to those of you that do.
make yourself known at the IMM I'll be there

Yep we will be there too. Although have you seen the list of proviso's with your tickets!

Come and say hello anyway, either at the IMM or L2B.
At the L2B Steve and I will be on the LSMOC club stand running membership, and at the IMM we are helping Minidave out in the tradestand area.

Anyone Braving camping at Crystal Palace then?
monsta said:
Do you think we would be welcomed at any of these events?? I will be at the london to brighton but I doubt they will let us on the official run..
Theres no problem over here with integration of the old Mini and new MINI, in fact there was a joint run the length of Ireland on the Bank Holiday weekend!!

Ireland is the land of a thousand welcomes !!:)

Certainly welcomed by LSMOC on the L2B run, although we have no show and shine classes for new mini this year there will be next year. As a past judge it makes it almost impossible to judge a car when it is not long out the showroom as there is little to distinguish cars apart, it ends up trying to find the last bit of crisps dropped on the floor as they are immaculate.
Looking forward to chatting to New mini owners to get to know this new car a little better.
Oh and no bottles at the IMM campsite either- your on cans then chaps!
That IMM list is pretty comprehensive. I have got my old car reg on the ticket so it will be rubber gloves time when i arrive.
As for the Bottles of Beer,Newky Brown is out so its cans of red stripe then.
What happens if you take the distillery trip does Whisky come in cans?
Didnt mean to wind anyone up about the old mini thing just kind of got the impression you Know how it is blah blah!
there is a show'n'shine section at the IMM for the new MINI
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