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Can anyone tell me the symptoms of a faulty Imobiliser on a 05 plate R50 .
Apparently it will lock and unlock the ignition lights up with the key in position 2 but nothing happens on turning the key, tried both keys both the same.
Can a bad battery cause it to not even try to turn over?
Thanks Stu
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ok stu, i would stick a multi meter on the small wire to starter solenoid while turning the key if no volts then immobiliser fault maybe or ignition switch maybe, has t got a red light showing somewhere with ignition switched on ie would indicate alarm not disarming can remember where on gen 1 not seen one for a while, just cleared my day for Friday so will see you down black magic
I would love to check power to starter etc but it's about 200 miles away.
Just wondered if a low battery means it won't turn over.
Will get some more info tomorrow and see you Friday.
yes a really low bat will do that need to charge over night
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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