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In Appreciation of MaxaMini

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It is very sad for me to write this, but my father Edward, infamously known as MaxaMini has passed away. We are surrounded by friends and family, but deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected loss of my father. He was an incredible man, a wonderful husband, and an unparalleled father. Lastly, he was a devoted Mini owner. You all were very important to him, and the last years of his life were filled with many great adventures with many of you. He was so proud to be amongst your ranks and he was truly blessed with many fond memories of his time with you all. He will be missed but forever remembered. God Bless you all. As we get more details I will post them here. Thank you all for your friendship and support.

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ruthie said:
Have a great time this weekend. :)

I'm collecting my new Lipstick Red S tomorrow. I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!! :D I'll see you again soon sweets.

I hope that you will post pics of that new Lipstick Red S!! :D :D
Oh, I almost forgot CONGRATULATIONS!!

GBMINI said:
Thanks Steve (PinCity) - got my pins today; very sweet:

I will take them to meet their "master" on the LI run later this month ...
I too received my pins today! Thanks Steve. :)
1 - 3 of 1362 Posts
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