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In Appreciation of MaxaMini

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It is very sad for me to write this, but my father Edward, infamously known as MaxaMini has passed away. We are surrounded by friends and family, but deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected loss of my father. He was an incredible man, a wonderful husband, and an unparalleled father. Lastly, he was a devoted Mini owner. You all were very important to him, and the last years of his life were filled with many great adventures with many of you. He was so proud to be amongst your ranks and he was truly blessed with many fond memories of his time with you all. He will be missed but forever remembered. God Bless you all. As we get more details I will post them here. Thank you all for your friendship and support.

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I saw him saturday. he showed me hartford. he was starting a new job. he took me to a grinder shop. he shot a beautiful picture of che under the hartford arch. How he must know i already knew i miss him so much.
ruthie said:
Why? What happened? I am so upset!! He was such a magical person. OMG I am heartbroken. :(
There is still no known cause.
Pipe said:

The story has something to do with a run on Long Island. There's a big duck ( out there. I'm sure some of those on that run can fill in the details. I was MINI-less at that time.

We'll miss Ed tremendously. He was absolute blast to hang out and ride with.
On Route 23(?) he met that quaint giant duck gift shop (former poultry shop) that has since been relocated. It was the First Flight to First Light(?) LI rally led by Rob Friedman. He left with a yellow ducky. The duck was established thereafter as an icon at a reknown pub in Port Jefferson, LI, where Ed, and others beside myself, awaited a ferry home.
Dan, you have a Private Message from me(top right navigator bar) you can respond to should you require any assistance.
SoggyCornFlakes said:
... Ed was regarded as not just a fellow ..... net geek but a true friend by many...
Right on, Soggy. You just reminded me how Ed always bragged of how long it took him to type messages, and how that explained his mistakes. I never knew what he meant until I saw him in "action" at his home pc. Not a geek indeed. :p

And by the by, if you could see the yard around this man's humble home, you would see evidence of the most delicate of gardening. He took great pride in his choice and implementation of ground cover and shrubbery.
That was the day Jeannine got to know Ed Smith. Our relationship was but weeks old. Ed the gentleman led us through the twistier (and wetter) roads of his kingdom and entertained us at his home. We were all hanging out in his kitchen when Mart came home from work. Latchkey kids.
pezboy said:
I could go on...but can't put most of how I'm feeling into words. I hope that wherever you are, Ed...the music is good, the striped bass are all keepers, and the roads are all twisty. Keep it up, are missed already.

Happy motoring,


Amen, jared

The man truly knew what a MINI was designed for.
Excellent, NoNo! We shall be sure to take lots of pictures to share . Maybe even reveal what Dan looks like...
Hey Diane!

I'm glad i got to see you. Woulda been nice tohave you at dinner.

ready for this?

Onasled sat next to me. He had a burger and fries.

You caught the most modified cooper there, Ruthie!

Thanks for reminding me about the photos. Here are those I wish to share.

August 1

Early Arrival

Well Dressed Loiterers on the Tunxis Community College Motorcycle Safety Course


Outside the Home

At the Farmington River, under the Bridge

A Duck from Mot04

Anthony and Sarah





Ben and Laura, Robin

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August 2

Gavin speaks with John Secco after the Memorial Service

Bert and Peter
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ruthie said:
It was an amazing Mini. :eek:

John, is that you in the last photo of your first post? ;)

Your g/f is beautiful btw. First time I saw her.

Thankyou. I think she's the bomb.

No that's not me in that photo. I'm not sure who it was. He knows. Ed knows.
thank you for finding that, Ian. It is a treasure from when he was happy with work and chronicly excited for his newfound automotive lifestyle.
fantaqstic sig, rawk. yours or just the first time i've seen it?

(in case it ever changes.)
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AprilWhine said:
Yes, and his work is distinctive. :)
speaking of cooperation?
Happy Wedding, Kate. My happier thoughts are with you two on this balmy but festive day.
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