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In Appreciation of MaxaMini

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It is very sad for me to write this, but my father Edward, infamously known as MaxaMini has passed away. We are surrounded by friends and family, but deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected loss of my father. He was an incredible man, a wonderful husband, and an unparalleled father. Lastly, he was a devoted Mini owner. You all were very important to him, and the last years of his life were filled with many great adventures with many of you. He was so proud to be amongst your ranks and he was truly blessed with many fond memories of his time with you all. He will be missed but forever remembered. God Bless you all. As we get more details I will post them here. Thank you all for your friendship and support.

for service information, please go here:
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John, I am glad you saw him recently - and of course he made your day great; that was his gift to all of us.

I was just looking back through my pics of the last time I saw Ed, at the "MINIsOnTop wrap-up" at Steves place two weeks ago ...
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GMINI, NoNo - great pictures; ScottyB too ... this thread is a wondrous tribute to a wondrous man.

My heart & thoughts are with Mart who loved Ed dearly and was so supportive of his "MINI ways", and to the rest of his family.
My tribute duck, which joined us at todays MAMA Berries & BBQ event - it even quacks just like the one Ed played to us regularly over the radios during runs (I will record & post it later) ...

At the MAMA event:

I felt very much in touch with Ed last night, chasing round Keene trying to find a duck - do you know the sort of looks & nudges that occur when you walk into a shop a say "I need a duck"?!
Then we had to find black tape for his armband ... we tried shoe laces but that was not quite right.

Ed, thank you so much for all the lessons in life - I just need to follow them now.
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Those MINI owners lucky enough to share a run with Ed will fondly remember these sounds ...
Look what I saw this evening, while out setting "tribute ducks" free for Eds birthday ...

(see more about the ducks here)
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Aqualung said:
"Life is a Long Song...and the tune ends too soon for us all" --Ian Anderson
Your sig is very appropriate on this thread ...
I can only echo the words of others - my thanks to Eds family for the privelege of being able to attend todays memorial ...
I have written up the day on my weblog, along with some pictures
Maintaining the quoting frame of mind ...
GBMINI played this to me tonight (from the Hollies):
The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows when
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

I knew the song as soon as it started of course, but the first three lines really struck a chord today - Ed would of course love "long winding turns" and from what I hear would frequently takes roads to "who knows where" ;)
ruthie said:
Cripes Ian, I thought that I could never cry another tear for the rest of my life after this last week. :(

Of course I presume everyone know this song, but just in case, I uploaded it from my collection - 6MB(!) mp3 file (this is my legal copy - please delete after listening to keep the legal/copyright folks happy; thanks)
On Tuesday Eds military uniform visit was talked about - including the fact that it was not really Ed but his twin brother ... I had a quick search and found the online discussion & pics:
I am happy to have found (one of) Eds original duck messages ...

A little background here folks. A question arose on the other place about a picture of the Giant Duck. What folllows is the response on behalf of the group ...

Sorry ladies and gents it be no Giant Duck.
Cheez it's plain to see they are merely mini people. Come on get real. Giant duck! Have you ever in your life seen a duck this big? Of course not. That's quite impossible and you know it. Look how small those cars are. Could real size people operate them? Of course not. Mini people and Mini cars. Get it.

Yeah that's the ticket. These people and cars were miniturized as they passed Camp Hero and became part of some government experiment. We think it was in truth the government using the alien stuff as a weak cover for what happened.

Real size duck. Nothing special. Keep moving please. Nothing to see here folks. Men in black. What men in black. Just watch my little lighty thingy and move along.

Who makes those cars?

They are sooo cute.
The little people or the little cars?
The people of course. Just look at that Maxamini guy. Now there's an alien for sure.

If you want to go deep ask about the bottomless lake that swallows up Minis and spits them in Konsico Reservoir.

The duck is said to be seen on the Reservoir on moonlit nights. It is to be used next as the entry for NewYork& CT MINI Owners float in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.
It will be split in sections and reassembled on site.

The duck is further rumored to not Quack but rather Bark and howl at the moon on those same nights , moonlit nites. It strangely, is protected from harm by roaming packs of reservoir dogs.

Bow wow and Quack quack
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maxamama1 said:
Please stay in touch with me anyway you can. I'm planning on going to MAMA in October - Hope I have a place to stay!

I truly send you my love - kisses - hugs - and ducks! Mart

Mart, there will be many places for you to stay! You will be welcomed as always by MAMA members and we will be honoured.
Close to here - and close to MINI Peabody - the Danvers Kiwanis Foundation is holding their 12th Annual Rubber Duck Race on September 17 - you can adopt a duck and if your duck wins, you win.
See this pdf file downloadable from their web site

I have no affiliation with this group, but Margaret works with someone who is in the group ... I thought this might be a good reason for New England MINI owners to head up to MINI Peabody, join in a duck race, then have a drive/meal/whatever ... any thoughts?
Steve, nicely done :D
Hope your family is doing OK now too.
Cape Cod MINI said:
I miss Ed. :( I can't bring myself to remove his cell and home numbers from my phone or email address from my pc.
I have not yet removed Eds MINIsOnTop email forward ...

Really sorry you were unable to make the Tuesday memorial - I think it helped many of us to hear other stories of his life, and to simply all be there together.

Look at pictures, visit Peters memorial, remember how great he was - and SMILE.
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pincity said:
You may now order on-line for mid-September delivery via Pay-Pal, order some great coffee while your at it. It all goes to Make-A-Wish!
Which sort of pin is the best?
Auto Drip sounds like my shirt will get wet ...
Coarse Grind sounds like a bad transmission ...
So I guess Whole Bean is the best - I'd like to stay whole!
ruthie said:
I'm collecting my new Lipstick Red S tomorrow. I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!! :D I'll see you again soon sweets.
Another CR joins the clan :D
With all the dumbing down of MCS colors now (no LY, EB, etc) it's about the only choice still worth getting ;)
bakerjc said:
A little work in the end part may be in order. Sounds like someone has two husbands
Nice proof reading! Of course, you meant "two wives" ;)

he is survived by his life long love and wife, Margriet, his children Lucas and his wife Bonnie

Maybe brackets would help?
bakerjc said:
That's John's job.
John who?
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