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In Appreciation of MaxaMini

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It is very sad for me to write this, but my father Edward, infamously known as MaxaMini has passed away. We are surrounded by friends and family, but deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected loss of my father. He was an incredible man, a wonderful husband, and an unparalleled father. Lastly, he was a devoted Mini owner. You all were very important to him, and the last years of his life were filled with many great adventures with many of you. He was so proud to be amongst your ranks and he was truly blessed with many fond memories of his time with you all. He will be missed but forever remembered. God Bless you all. As we get more details I will post them here. Thank you all for your friendship and support.

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I'm so sorry to hear this news. I had such a great visit with Ed recently at Steve's place on the Cape.

When my own father died, a very long time ago, the thing that was most important to me was hearing the large and small ways he connected with and touched others. We'll have a lot of stories for you about our special times with Maxamini.

Quack quack.
As we were leaving the Town and Counntry on the Sunday after MOT, we stopped to say goodbye to Ed as he was loading his golf clubs into the MINI. It didn't take too much goading to get him to tee off over the road onto the fairway for the benefit of the camera...

pretty good shot
We'll be thinking of you and family this weekend, Mart.
Everytime I hear "Ed and golf" it takes me back to the Sunday after MINIs on Top in the parking lot of the Town & Country. Itook no coaxing at all for Ed to take a shot at the green from the wrong side of Route 2. The first attempt is a wee bit of a hook (edited -- thanks John) right down the road. The second shot is right on.

A Pretty Good Shot

Happy Anniversary, Mart.
Happy New Year Mart, and congratulations on the news. This baby will have hordes of adoring aunts & uncles!
Peace. Sunshine. Woohoo.

Thanks, Ed.

Hey...we miss you too! At least Ed has a good excuse. :)
It's 2 am. I just discovered that Josh had the last word on 11 threads, posted in about 35 minutes around midnight. :biggrin: (Ed would approve)
1 - 9 of 1362 Posts
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