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Simple mod, takes 10mins and costs absolutely nothing:D

Front camber mod, increaseed from std. -0.5deg to -1.0deg. Following a post on NAM i finally got around to checking this out last night. The location pegs on the strut towers are removable. Early-mid cars are steel and screw out, the later versions i belive maybe plastic, and if so simply pull out with a pair of pliers. Jack side of car up. Slacken off the 3 off strut top bolts push the strut top over ( inwards ) as far as it will go and retighten nuts. Repeat for other side.

Driving around at normal everyday speed their is very little, if any difference, maybe a tad more self centering and a bit more feel aound the straight ahead. Normal cornering again shows no real difference. But and it is a big BUT, when you start 'driving it' around slow to medium speed corners / roundabouts the increased front end grip is amazing. I wouldn't have thought that 0.5deg. would make such a marked improvement. I cannot understand why they don't come as std. from the factory like this. I always drive with Sport mode on and traction control off and i have a few power mods and it now allows serious use of the power through corners that at the moment are cold and seriously wet.

Anybody else already done this mod, and have any similar experience.
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