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Info needed about oil catch can and pcv valve

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So my car came with an oil catch can installed when I bought it .
It has a filter on the top of the can , is this causing a vacuum leak ? Does it effect the pcv valve functionality ?
I noticed an excess amount of oil in my intake system awhile ago yet my catch can was empty..
I have an occasional ever so slightly choppy idle in neutral and I tap the gas and it goes away . This only happens once every 3 or so drives. I have noticed too some oil consumption too . I already am ordering a pcv valve but I need to know if that filter is causing a vacuum leak and if I should just take out and cap off the filter..
Here's a video of my car , 2:30 into the video I show the engine and to the left of my airfilter is the oil catch can.
Only mods I have done since the video are jcw fuel injectors , wrapped my headers and made the intake more efficient .
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Until it's nice enough out for me to remove my oil catch can.
With an R53, should I be using a occ with a filter that helps vent or do I need a closed system ? I removed the filter and put a plug in it and am going to see in 2 weeks if it actually catches any oil is hooked up correctly too but mine is off the right side of the engine not the left .
i'm torn between oil catch cans or not oil catch cans,, now yes they will especially on the gen 2 r56 engines collect a fair bit of oil on a worn engine but on a low miles not worn engine collect next to nothing, i just rebuilt a n14 turbo engine and catch can'd it for 200 miles and still empty and stiff have no crankcase breathing ie a good sign of a good piston seal etc, then theres the other side of it lubrication a bit like a 2 stroke on the top end and also believe it or not oil has some energy that combustion can use to increase power as well,, years a go in the trade we always said fords that smoke just got faster lol, on the r53 if they are breathing is heavy then it time to think about rebuild,, not saying dont and not saying do its all down to personal pref
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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