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Hello, today i needed to use the jump lead to start the car as the battery was flat. It operated by the RAC mechanic from the insurance.
Well the reason why the battery died is not a main problem, its been sorted.

But after recharged the battery for few minutes, there were some changes in the vehicle.
The speedometer, the RPM meter and the lights from the buttons got brighter than before and it activates the gear shift indicator as well next to the mileage indicator.
Which I never seen before since I received the car.

And when put the repeater, light touch repeats 3 times normally before, but after the recharge it just blinks once and turns off.
I reckon this is caused by some settings were resetted.

If anyone knows that recharging the battery can reset those settings?
Also, can I put the repeater settings to normal?

My car is R56, 12reg One model.

If you know, it would be really appreciated to leave comments.
Thank you.

Oh no, I was so stupid that didn't know these things. Lol.
I have set those blinker and brightness of it.
I might be the only person who didn't know about this while driving the Mini for more than a years, but just in case I will leave the youtube link how to sort the various settings. Thanks!

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