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Insurance after fitting a JCW kit?

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Hi, I was just wondering whter ones insurance goes up after fitting this rather nifty kit to the MINI cooper?

Any answers would be much appreciated.....if insurance does go up up, roughly how much more?

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Yes it will because it will be classed as a modification. I wouldnt like to say how much your premium would rise by :)
I dont know if you can insure the car as a works car because most insurance companies (like the one I work) only do qoutes for 'standard' cars. Some insurance companies even class salt, pepper & chili packs as a mod :mad:

Tell your INSURANCE companies or they wont pay out :)
Ibb said:
Thanks m8
Always a pleasure, never a chore :)
Insurance for Works Cooper

I've had a few quotes and so far it doens't look too bad. Of course I need to do it closer to delivery date for a final idea. It seems to vary between those that ask how much the power has gone up by (in % terms = around 14% I think) to those that don't seem to care - and just record the details as it still a 1.6. I think it is essential to get full details written into your policy to ensure there would not be any problems should you claim.

I'll let you know when I get a full quote. I figure it HAS to be insured and so if that is what I want then I just have to go with the Flow(ki).


Cheers bud, contact me as soon as possible....I would love to know what I'm likely to pay...cheers!
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