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Insuring Two Cars (one an MCS), Best Company/ Way?

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Hi everyone,

I am now *seriously* thinking about ordering an S within the next few weeks. However, it will be my second car and so I will need to have insurance on two cars. But what to do about bonus...?

Someone has suggested that certain companies will offer a 'bonus matching' scheme, whereby they'll simply give me the same amount of bonus on the second car. However, these are not the most competitive quotes and the companies that I've spoken-to so far seem to offer this facility one day, but not the next (read: the staff are clueless).

So, am 34, decent area, full 9 years no claims, wanting to insure:

Brand new MCS, garaged, 6,000-7,000 miles per annum
Old daily runner for carting the dog around etc, kept on road, 8,000-10,000 per annum.

First Alternative just quoted me £442/ £491 protected/ unprotected for the MCS which is pretty good (how have some of you got it down to £380 odd?), but said that I'd have to start afresh, building up a second NCB on the daily runner, so quoted me over £400 for that even with an introductory discount. Hmm...

Other companies have wanted more cash for the MCS, but I *think* they will offer me the same amount of NCB (non transferable when I leave) on the daily runner. It's matter of weighing it up, but I concede that I'm trying to pay under £700 for the pair, not bothered if the older car is TPF&T.

Also, someone has mentioned that Highway will bonus match even if the first car isn't with them, so long as I go Comprehensive, which I would obviously need on the MCS but not on the daily runner.

It's made a bit messy by the fact that I need to renew the daily runner insurance within a week from now, and the MCS will then be my second car in effect. So ideally, I should cancel all policies (well, the one) and start again when MCS is delivered. Confused?

Anyway, can anyone recommend a way of doing it where I'm not going to come unstuck when the MCS comes due to false information etc?

Thanks for your help,

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