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Interior Design

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Wow...I just got off the MINIUSA website and there are quite a few combinations for the interior. The only problem is, I don't think you get a very good idea what it will actually look like based on the pics they show.

I'd like to know if anyone has anything to say about the grey leatherette w/ grey door casings, leather, cloth, the anthracite dash and trim, chrome trim, cockpit chrono, etc. If you could post the combination you chose, along with some pics (if you have any) that would be great. Also, any advice (good, bad, or otherwise) about the materials you chose...for example stain resistance, comfort, whatever!!! It is just too hard to tell how it will look or feel based on the MINI site.

Thanks for the input!!!
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Have you checked out the sticky thread in interior and ice ? All kinds of good pics with a range of choices. I found it helped me settle on our interior options.

I found that interior is probably even harder to pick than exterior color with so many trim and upholstery choices. It was much easier in 02 when I could get any interior trim I wanted as long as it was silver. :)
If CR/W will be the color of your MINI, here's what's inside my CR/W MC:

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Thanks...I'll check out that other post.

I like that interior dansmini...I'll bet that looks great with the red exterior!!!
I like it a lot. I realize it's not for everyone, but the MINI is a different car so I thought the inside should be different from what a "normal" car would look like.
Here's mine and I think it looks the dogs, alot nicer than my mates alll grey, I think it just looks a bit boring. Red looks wicked in the flesh as it were :)


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Picture is pre chromeline interior kit.

Yes red all the way - and don't forget your Alloy Patina -(MaxxUK's red interior campaign contnues :D ) - I agree with you Rico UK - in MINIs with grey interiors, you have this fabulous dash but look behind you and the rear compartment could be any small car. The red makes the MINI stand out and I have had nothing but admiration for my interior.
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I've seen the grey leatherette with matching doors, and far prefer my Panther Black with Anthracite dash.
Then again, I have never been very fond of grey interiors, too dull.
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