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iPod intergration HELP!!!

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Well, Santa was very nice this year, and brought me the iPod aux intergration kit. So, I installed it (it only took me three+ hours), carefully reading the directions and such. So, driving home this evening (after installation), I noticed two seperate things happen, and woud like help, input, etc...

#1: the radio turned off twice (not cause by bumps, I tried every pothole I could to get it to turn off again) and after the second time, suddenly all my station presets were there (after not being there before) WTF???

#2: The radio is not turning off with the car. I had to do it manually, and that is a pain, that I would like to aviod doing, if possible

Any help would be appreicated (this is my first time installing something like this) :D

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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