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iPop + iTrip + Belkin ... anyone?

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Hello mini'ers ...

Just got a 4th gen 20gb ipod with an itrip which works really well.

Now considering the best mounting option and have looked through the various threads here but can't find an answer to the following q:

If you use the Belkin TuneDock with ipod and itrip, does it fit comfortably under the toggle switches? If not, is anyone using any other mount/holders for ipods with itrips in their Mini's?

Please help ...

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I am yet to get the belkin tunedock but I have seen pics and it seems to fit nicely. The iTrip is ok but i get alot of interference so am getting the aux installed. The belkin travel charger is great as it has a built in amplifier.
Hey babes,

thanks for your response. but what i really wanna know is if the iTrip is fitting on the iPod, then will the total height with the Tunedock obstruct the toggle switches?

if you use the correct base unit for the tunedok and set the angle of the iPOD correctly it will fit in under the toggle switches just about. i used to use a belkin autocharger with it too. however i found that it was a very tight fit when using the iTRIP, so i ended up just placing it in a cup holder without the tunedok. i found that the ITRIP worked fine in rural areas but not in the town and cities i was for every having to switch channels.

get a dension its much better kit, sound and placement of the unit. i switched from my setup to this and its the best cash ive spent since buy the iPOD!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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