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Went to look at this Pepper White Clubman D yesterday. £19995

Reg in June this year 10 plate

5000miles on the clock

17" Crown Spoke Alloys

Additional Decor Rings

Bi-Xenon Headlights

Black Bonnet Stripes


Chrome Line exterior

Chrome Line interior

Colour Line Dark Grey

DAB Digital Radio

Front Centre Arm Rest

Front Seat Heating

Full Bluetooth with USB.

Harman Kardon - Hi-Fi

Interior Trim Piano Black

Leather interior

Media Pack

Multi-func. Steering Whl

Navigation System

Panoramic Glass Sunroof

Rain Sensor & Lights On

Roof&Mirror Caps in Black

Run-flat Tyres

Voice Control System

White Indicator Lenses

Tried to have a deal at £18995 plus 10.5k deposit but they wouldn't have it!!:angry:

It has everything I'm after , and I can do some decent mods to it but am I wrong in thinking it's a bit toppy?

Should I go back and try and get some sort of business tied up?




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Looks a bit juicy for me, even with the options.
I mean the RRP of a NEW Cooper S Soho is £20k

You could probably spec up you own new Clubby D for about £20-£22k if you weren't bothered about lounge leather and Nav...

I would try out the configurator on a spec you really need (not want) you may be surprised and you could have a nice shiney new model for a couple of quid more and only loose out on one or two non-essentials...

Also, if you got a new one it'd be the latest LCI model - looks like that's the "old" one. LCI gets a new BMW engine (quieter) and things like Visual radio and iphone/facebook/google connectivity

Out of interest...What mods would you do?

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Cheers Rocco,

I do 150miles a day to and from work so comfort is a big thing for me and so is Sat Nav as I'm always on the road.

I drive a Nissan Navara at the moment that does about 33mpg and costs £550 a month to fuel. It has all the bells and whistles on it so I don't really want to go without.

I specc'd up a new Hot Choc clubby for November and it came in at £23k with pretty much the same gear.

Is the new engine more economical than this one?

Re the mods - I was just going to get the alloys powdered black, have the A plates wrapped andhave viper stripes put on - oh and a Cooper S front grill

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For the small difference i'd go new (probably £50 a month more which is a meal out for 2)...

The LCI is a better car -IMHO- (though double check this is pre-LCI).
For me it means you get; better quality (black) interior controls, updated front bumpers, LED rear lights (which get brighter the more you brake), Mini's "I-drive", A visual Radio (6" screen for audio controls), the most amazing i-phone integration (web radio, google local searches, facebook, cover flow - all on your 6" car screen!), better HK stereo and tonnes more i've forgotten i'm sure.

Yes the engine is more economical and quieter, there should be some posts here about it??

Nice mods - its a shame you can only get some wheels in black and Have to get them in the expensive sport pack...

What do you mean exactly about the A plates? DO you mean the C pillars?
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