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Hello everyone, My name is Mike (islandog), I live on a small island out in the middle of the pacific ocean called Saipan (CNMI) its near Guam (about 120 mile North) so you are still probably asking where in the world is that place!!! So If you look north of Australia, and east of the philippines you will come accros a small chain of islands called the marianas islands (Comonwealth of the Northern Mairians Islands or CNMI) if you look from Hawaii then we are do west towards china. Basically we are the door step to asia and where America's day begains as we are 1 day = 10 hours ahead of the mainland. we are what you call a territory of the united states or a protectorate. Everyone born here is a United States Citizen. ok so thats out of the way, lets move to me: I am retired USAF American Veteran, I relocated here with a telecom industry building telecom towers for a living after the USAF. I love it here, peaceful, 1 homacide every like 5 years, lol we only have two fast food chains, + pizza hut of course, lol and no malls, lots of outdoor activities of course, our water's are tourquize blue and beautiful.

Ok so my Car: I bought a 2012 Mini cooper convertible non turbo model. I love this vehicle. When I bought it it would not start and it only had 30K miles. it turned out to be elecetrical of course and I needed to reprogram the DME and CAS unit and now she runs great, well little bit of hesitation between 2.300rpm - 3,900RPM but takes of like a bat our of hell at 4K RPM. she is a really fun car, and she is in racing orange. She is all stock. I did not want one with a turbo as I had heard that carbon gets built up and has issues where you need to do a walnut clean and we do not have that here, so I figured less was simpler. it take's 2 weeks to a month to get usps here, lol I do all my own maintenance, I have several OBD2 units to help figure out issues, when the car actually reprots them.

Thats my story, and I'm sticking with ir, lol I hope everyone and your families, stays safe in this pandemic situation we all have to deal with.
I am sorry I do not actually have a picture of my whole car, mostly only pictures of issues with the car, lol I will have to fix that soon.


Mike (Islandog) Saipan
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