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It really is not my minis month...

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So, after having my car since august 03 and not putting a single mark on it, I have had the worst month.

Last Friday, I went to the pub after work, some clown left his handbrake off and his focus estate rolled the full length of the pub car park (about 60ft) straight into my mini. Luckily it only damaged the rear corner wheel arch (£5.95 from BMW). Unfortunately, mine being one of only two colour-coded on the island, it will cost a whole shedload more than that to fix, but when I think what could have happened...

Then, today, was driving along a typical Guernsey road, went through a gap I wouldn't normally think twice about and *BAM*, wing mirror detonated. Hopefully theirs was too! So, new mirror cap (£49) and new mirror glass (£17).

Maybe this is why I have never kept a car for more than a year?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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