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Italian job on DVD.

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I like my MINI, I like films. I don't intend to create this forum for small minded people to debate mini V's MINI.:eek:

If anyone is interested The Italian Job(1968) on DVD, should be on sale 03/06/2002 in the UK. That's starring Michael Caine Noel Coward Benny Hill Raf Vallone John Le Mesurier Irene Handle Margaret Blye
Directed by Peter Collinson. :p
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Any idea how much :confused: £19.99 :confused:
Cool ! I think my video copies are getting a bit worn ! I hope it has heaps of extra stuff, like the documentaries shown on channel 4.
I went to see it when it was re-released in cinemas the other year, looks superb on the big screen.
Re-released? On the big screen?? And I *missed* it???:( :( :( :(
I wish you'd not told me that. I'm going to go and have a little cry now.
Of course, that's pre-ordering a title that won't be around for a few months yet.

A bit like the Cooper S, really ;)
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