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do you really think we pay that much attention Lesley? :eek:

I couldn't tell you what any of the women were wearing this and certainly wouldn't notice if you wore it again next year ;) I am sure I speak for 99% of men - gay or straight. Infact the fact I'm gay "should" mean I pay more attention to womens clothes and what they look like :eek: Oh dear - yet another stereo typical gay myth I have shattered :D:D:D

I personally think this is all scam invented for women by women. It's only women who would notice these things and have now created this myth that they can't wear the same dress twice so Oh Dear - I need to get a new dress ;) Oh and new shoes :eek: Oh and a matching new hand bag :D

So don't start with all this you men have it so easy rubbish when you all only have yourselves to blame :p ;) :D:D:D
Eve started it with the whole "you can't wear a fig leaf, I'M wearing a fig leaf" statement.... :D

normally i don't care what i'm wearing so long as i'm comfortable ;)
101 - 120 of 207 Posts