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2010 Mini, two door, hatchback, approx. 87,000 miles
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Hey all, we moved to Jacksonville, FL about a year ago and now have a check engine light on on the girlfriend's 2010 Mini hatchback. Any recommendations for a good mechanic and/or indie shop in the area? Or warnings about where NOT to go?
BTW, there are no other lights on. It was running and driving fine until I sat in the parking lot with it running for about 15 minutes while looking at the Torque app on my phone and studying the datastream coming in. At some point I revved the engine and tons of gray smoke came out of the exhaust. I blipped it a couple more times and got more smoke so quickly turned it off. As I said, it was running fine coming back from the airport where the light first came on and then the gray smoke after a long idling period. I don't have the tools or skills to mess with it. I am good with old Jaguars though, ha-ha! Any suggestions appreciated.
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