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This information is official and obtained from the BMW Dealer Intranet System.

Title: January 2005 Product Option Changes
REF: MINI-04-PN-2445
MINI Product Marketing
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 16:56

January 2005 Product Option Changes

As of 1st January 2005 production, there are a number of changes to the product offering for MINI. Full details of standard equipment, optional equipment and pricing changes can be found below. All pricing includes VAT and is effective for cars built from 1st January 2005 (not cars built in 2004 and registered after 01/01/2005). As per usual no price protection is offered with any option price increase.


Increase in Washer Bottle Capacity

The washer bottle capacity will increase on all models by 0.4 litres to approximately 2.5 litres. In addition, an orange warning lamp will be situated on the right hand stalk to advise customers when their washer fluid is running low. The alarm warning lamp will thus move to the left hand stalk.


202 - Steptronic Paddles for Leather steering Wheel

This option will be deleted as a stand alone option from January 2005, for full details please see the automatic transmission section below.

205 - Automatic Transmission

MINI One and MINI Cooper Hatch, and MINI Cooper Convertible will retain the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Steptronic. There will be a price increase to £1,050 but the option will now also include the Steptronic Paddles (202) on the steering wheel. If the paddles are not required by the customer they can be deleted using option code ZM4. There is no reduction in cost should the customer chose to delete the paddles.

Please note that due to the inclusion of the steering wheel paddles, a leather steering wheel, either 253 or 255 must also be ordered if the customer does not specify either the PEPPER or CHILI Pack, or does not delete the paddles. The wooden steering wheel 254 is not compatible with the steptronic paddles.

For MINI Cooper S Hatch and MINI Cooper S Convertible, a new 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Steptronic mode and Steptronic Paddles on the steering wheel will be available at £1,050. This Automatic Transmission includes AGS (Adaptive Transmission Control) and is supplied by Aisin. The same gearbox is used on the Audi TT and VW Beetle. Please note this option can only be ordered in conjunction with Air Conditioning, option code 530 or 534.

2CM - 17" 5-Star BULLET Light Alloy Wheels

These 17" alloy wheels, previously only available on the MINI Convertible, will also be available on all Hatch models from January 2005. Pricing will directly reflect the offer for MINI Convertible. In addition this wheel will also be included in the MINI Cooper S CHILI Pack from January production.

2RE - 17" Web Spoke Light Alloy Wheels

These new two-piece bolted alloys will be available on both MINI Hatch and Convertible models. Please note these wheels are not available painted white and pricing is as follows:

MINI One Hatch & Convertible - £1,600 as a single option or £1,290 with PEPPER Pack
MINI One D Hatch - £1,600 as a single option or £1,290 with PEPPER Pack
MINI Cooper Hatch & Convertible - £1,290 as a single option or £850 with CHILI Pack
MINI Cooper S Hatch & Convertible - £850 as a single option or £480 with CHILI Pack

Picture of wheels!

2TA - Limited Slip Differential

This is a 30% differential lock which will only be available for MINI Cooper S Hatch and Convertible. For £100, this mechanical Limited Slip Differential increases traction, improves handling, increases stability and causes DSC to cut in later when specified. Please note it can not be ordered in combination with Automatic Transmission and will be included in the CHILI Pack for MINI Cooper S Hatch and Convertible. If a MINI Cooper S is ordered with automatic transmission and a CHILI Pack the Limited Slip Differential will be removed from the package and the price adjusted accordingly.

359 - Visibility Package

The visibility package for all models will now include new options 431 - Automatic dimming rear view mirror and 521 Rain Sensor with Automatic headlight-on sensor in addition to the heated front windscreen. As a result of this the price will increase to £220. Please note option 432 is no longer available.

3AB - Door Mirror Caps in Body Colour

This option will be available for MINI One Convertible at a price of £50.

420 - Tinted Windows

Please note there will be a price increase to £120 on all models from January 2005.

431 - Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror

This is a new option available for all models at £85. It is included in the Visibility Pack as detailed above.

432 - Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror and Rain Sensor

This option is no longer available, it has been split into option codes 431 and 521.

477 - Wood Effect interior Trim

In a change to this option, the door ring and pocket will now be in Anthracite and not Brilliant Silver. Pricing remains the same.

521 - Rain Sensor and Automatic Headlight-On Sensor

This is a new option available for all models at £85. It is included in the Visibility Pack as detailed above.

609 - Satellite Navigation

From January this option will also include 650 single CD Player and TMC as standard. As a result the price will increase to £1,650 as a single option or £1,550 when ordered in conjunction with a SALT, PEPPER or CHILI Pack. Please note Single MiniDisc is no longer available in conjunction with Satellite Navigation.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Customers with cars built from production week 28/07.04 (model update) with options 609 Navigation and 650 Single CD Player, can activate their TMC by ordering a TMC DVD disc from your Parts Department. Details below:

MINI Navigation DVD with TMC Price: £200 Discount Code: C

785 - White Indicator Lights

New white direction indicator lights in rear light cluster and white side repeaters for all MINI models. Pricing as detailed below:

MINI One, MINI One D and MINI Cooper - £50
MINI Cooper S - £35 (white side repeaters are already standard)

872 - CHILI Pack (MINI Cooper S Hatch and Convertible)

From January the CHILI Pack will adopt the following changes. The standard wheels within the pack will change from the 17" S-Spoke Alloys to the 17" 5-Star BULLET Alloys as detailed above. If the customer requires the 17" S-Spokes, they are available at no cost but option code 369 must be added to the order. Please remember that the system has automatically deleted option 369 from all 2005 build CHILI Packs and added 2CM as a replacement. If you customer wishes to retain the S-Spoke Alloy Wheels you must add option 369 to their orders.

For cars without automatic transmission the CHILI Pack will include the Limited Slip Differential as described above, hence there will now be two prices for the CHILI pack on the MINI Cooper S.

MINI Cooper S with Manual Transmission - £1,600
MINI Cooper S with Automatic Transmission - £1,500

Metallic Paint

Please note there will be a price increase to £275 on all models from January 2005.


As some of you will know, we were expecting the following options to also be available from January production.

Front Centre Armrest
BlueTooth Telephone Preparation
Voice Control
Due to a problem with the armrest the earliest introduction date for these options will be February 2005 but this date is still unconfirmed. Further details will be published via this medium when available.




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Cool stuff.... LSD will be a must on the S....

More stuff for them to talk about in the S Speccing thread :rolleyes:

Where was news hound with all this? Too busy checking out the german Stocks and shares market??? :rolleyes: WTF's that about anyway... :confused:

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tnoy66 said:
Think a trip to the dealer is in order tomorrow.

will be included in the CHILI Pack for MINI Cooper S Hatch and Convertible
So reading that carefully, the LSD is included in the chilli pack with no extra to pay, or have I missed somat :confused:
The chili pack price has gone up to £1600 so its going to cost you an extra £100 for the LSD

This isn't good news for me i was pushing my budget to the max and now they want to stick another £145 on top .... :(

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That's great news Jason.:)

I'm planning on having my S in march so it looks like it will inclued all these goodies now, i've been holding back on ordering just incase these changes were later in the year but it looks like i can go and order it now..:D

Roll on march !:eek:

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WhiteNoiseMaker said:
The chili pack price has gone up to £1600 so its going to cost you an extra £100 for the LSD
Ah, so I did miss somat, well I half saw it, just didn't read it properly.
Definately need to check my new full cost now :rolleyes:

I can imagine some dealers tomorrow saying....."what changes :confused: "....LOL

Good news about the bullets, my demo car had those on, looked great :D
Not sure about the new 2RE's though, anyone else??

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My MCS is due end of March, so this is quite interesting. I really want the LSD, so I guess I will see the dealer and check this.
Not sure on the Alloys, I like the S Spokes as they look Mini somehow, this is going to be really tricky.
My other dilema is, I currently have the top tint windscreen option for £50, so do i cancel this and go for the auto headlights and wipers for £85? (Not available with top tint screen)
What are peoples views on the white indicator lamps?


Matthew :indi:
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