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Glad to see this thread, makes it seem a bit closer.

Replacing my 2002 Mini One with the following:

PW Cooper
Body colour roof
Chilli pack
Alloy patina dash
Anthracite headliner
Wave radio (to be swapped for Blaupunkt DAB54)
Manual Aircon
Chrome-line interior
Fin alloys (but hope to get dealer to switch them for xlites)
Red cloth/leather (heated) seats
Red interior

Due to be built in week 01/05 for delivery mid Jan. Supposed to be delivered to dealer around the 12th. At least I don't have to wait for a ship to cross the Atlantic!


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This is a copy of a post by EBMCS03 from an old thread, it usefully gives some dates. 8 days to go from 150 to 151, guess yours, Mr TheOfficeMaven, (& mine) will take longer with Christmas in the way. Hope I've got the One sold by the time it arrives at the dealer, about three weeks :eek:

EBMCS03 said:
Mine took a while.. about a month.

This is my tracking status...

Status: 111 (1/9/03)
Status: 150 (2/5/03)
Status: 151 (2/1303)
Status: 152 (2/14/03)
Status: 160 (2/18/03)
Status: 190 (2/20/03)
Status: 193 (03/01/03)
Arrival at Oxnard CA: (3/21/03)
At home: (3/26/03)

Status Meaning
0 Order deleted by NA
17 Order not Specified
37 Order is at BMW/MINI NA
87 Production Week Assigned
97 Order sent to AG
100 Order deleted by AG
101 Error in data transmitted
102 Special Order (no Prod Week)
105 Order out of Prod. Period
111 Order Accepted at AG (1/09/03)
112 Order scheduled for Production
150 Production Started (2/5/03)
151 Body Shop Started (2/13/03)
152 Paint Shop Started (2/14/03)
153 Assembly Started
155 Production Completed
160 Released to Distribution (2/18/03)
168 AG Stock
170 Waiting Workshop ("Workshop" is the German version of the VPC)
172 Planned for Workshop
174 Workshop Entry
176 Workshop Complete
180 Waiting for Export Dispatch
181 Waiting for Domestic Dispatch
182 AG Load No. -- Released to Carrier
190 Dispatched ex(port?) BMW AG (2/20/03)
191 Returned to BMW AG
193 Arrived at Port of Exit
194 Selected for Shipment
195 Shipped from Port of Exit
196 Shipment Arrival -- ATA

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Had some not so good news today, due to an admin error the chrono pack has somehow got onto my order and it's too late to change. I don't like the look of the chrono pack so I'm now getting a slightly later car built without it. Still be a Jan build, but delivered first week in Feb and I've decided to wait the extra few weeks longer and get it on 1st March so I get the 05 plate - which may mean nothing to American readers.

Bit of a :bad::bad::bad::bad::bad::bad: really, considering I was going to be getting it in two weeks :(

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