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JCW Adventures - New Blog - Common 2nd Gen R56 MINI Problems

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Sorry I Am Not Perfect: Common 2nd Gen R56 MINI Problems

The R56 MINI was the golden era of automotive fun and freedom on the open road away from emissions and electric power. The MINI brand was thriving with its quirkiness and off the wall marketing push, which made it a global success given its British icon status in fashion and on the road. Like with anything glamourous there was another side with faults and reliability woes plaguing owners in all markets, but this didn’t stop fun as it broke sale records for the 4 wheeled icon rebirth with model variates.


Sorry I Am Not Perfect: Common 2nd Gen R56 MINI Problems - JCW Adventures
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The only real Problems are the interface with the on board computers. Every thing is just you wrench it!
The computer commands and computer procedures are the lynch pin and the only thing that prevents reasonable owner's from repairing or maintaining there car with there integrity intact. And the car is bad about all that. And the computer is not a old one from the 90's and not a new one. 2014 and on.
Double that on the fact that onboard auto computers are about 3-5 years older then home based computers when they update a car computer. And double that on the fact that home computers are about 6 to 7 years behind what's in modern satellites and space industry.
2019 car computers are working with 2014 computer processors. Even if they are modern they are leaned down with about as much power as a home computer from 2014.
So Mini Second Gen is like a leaned down Intel 960 presler or a AMD FX57.
Which was good at the time!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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