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JCW airfilter advantage ?

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I own a 2003 Works with a Pipercross induction (no Viper) airfilter and want to have the Works 10 HP upgrade

Could I expect better performance from the new JCW airbox in comparison to my current Pipercross.
Are their other advantages or disadvantages concerning this item.

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Hi there, just had the 200 to 210 upgrade done on Monday and its excellent - it has transformed the car and I recommend getting it done ASAP.

With regards to advantages of the new JCW airbox over your Pipercross the main one must be keeping the whole car 'John Cooper Works'. The JCW airbox has been tested and designed exactly to fit in, and work with, the car and the modifications that JCW do to give the car 210bhp - and the car certainly feels faster after the upgrade.
The thing I like about the new airbox is that it 'opens up' above 4500rpm - this makes the car sound nice and quiet when just driving normally while it sounds awesome when flooring it (if you like the supercharger whine that is!).
Another big advantage is your cars warranty and TLC is left intact without the need to remove the Pipercross and replace it with the stock airbox each time you visit your dealer. Also, the JCW airbox is sealed so you can be sure that it is not sucking in any hot air from the engine bay.

As for disadvantages...the only one I can think of is having to ditch the Pipercross which you have paid money for. But I'm sure you can get some money back by eBay'ing it!

Just my opinions but hope they help.
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I have also just had the 200 -> 210 upgrade done.

I agree with daveclutch comments. I also think the car feels 'smoother' below 4500 rpm, and I reckon the mpg might have improved a touch(maybe the new ecu remap got rid of the reported over fuelling that I've heard mentioned). The car defininately feels faster especially over 4500 rpm. Defininately worth doing, feels like a brand new car again :D :D .


I can imagine it must sound pretty cool. A bit like a vtec.
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